What To Do The Next Day After A Disclosure of Gender Confusion

Your adult child has disclosed their same-sex attraction, transgender or relationship during the holidays. In your crisis moment, you are falling apart, devastated! You never saw it coming! You feel hopeless and you are emotionally going downhill every day. Where do you go to get your life back?

Go to your prayer place and release your pain to Jesus

Your pain is so real and, if you hold it in, you will suffer even more. You must release it to Jesus. He wants to take it from you. This is not wishful thinking. Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure in John 16:16-22. Jesus knew his disciples would suffer the loss of Jesus when He left the earth. This is no different than the loss you are suffering. Your loss is the loss of your hopes and dreams for your child and yourself. It feels like your dreams are dying. That is no different than the death of a loved one. This is no different than the death of Jesus. This is not the end of the story.” Jesus will bring you joy when you release your pain and loss to him. He really does care when you are hurting.

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